Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blog Tour with Jami Montgomery, author of Knight's End

Jami Montgomery is a twenty-two year old self published author from South Texas. She has always loved books and the written word, and has been writing stories since she first learned to use a pencil. Knight's End is her first published work, and she has several other novels in the works.

“Guards! Guards! Come now and arrest this traitor!” At King Donn’s beckoning, four soldiers rushed into the room, swords drawn.
Aston slowly backed away, nearing his window. He didn’t have time to think. In one swift movement, he grabbed his still-packed bag from the floor, pulled his grappling hook from his belt, and leapt from the window, praying the hook would catch.
He almost took a relieved breath when the metal claw caught on the window and he was safely on the ground, his knees taking the blunt of the blow. But he was still in danger; he couldn’t stop yet. He dropped his rope and ran, cringing as the palace bells sounded behind him. He ran as fast as he could toward the stable, reaching them just as Vernon was about to remove Sterling’s bridle. The old man looked up in surprise when Aston came charging in, but didn’t stop him from jumping on Sterling’s back, grabbing a halter from the wall, and riding out of the stable at top speed.
Aston raced into the night, reaching the drawbridge just as it was being closed and jumping his horse across the river. The sound of hooves pounding the hard earth behind him had Aston driving Sterling faster, digging his heels into the animal’s side as his own heart raced with adrenaline. An arrow embedded itself in a tree to his right and he ducked out of instinct. Looking behind him, he saw a man with a bow guiding his horse with his knees, notching another arrow.
Aston cursed, leaning low in Sterling’s saddle and running the horse in a zigzag along the forest’s edge. With a curse, he made Sterling take a fast right, plunging the horse into the thick brush and crashing through low hanging tree branches. He heard men hollering from behind him, upset that they’d lost him in the forest. A couple of brave soldiers followed, but Aston wasn’t too worried about them. These woods took up almost half of Fridel, and he’d grown up in them. They wouldn’t be able to find him now.

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  1. I'm commenting, trying to win Knight's End because I love it! :D Good post!