Saturday, 2 June 2012


"Why is Matt gay?"

Because he is.

"No, seriously. Why?"

Because he is.

"What music do you listen to when you write?"

I listen to a LOT of Nightwish. Their music has helped me a lot, and if I ever get the chance I will personally thank Tuomas Holopainen for how much his music has helped me and kept me going.

"Who are your favourite authors?"

I have a read a LOT in my short (nearly) 19 years. While I was writing RSTD I revisted a lot of stories, plays and books I'd read years ago as research, including a lot of Aristotle, Sturluson and Michael Grant.

"Why is Matt gay?!"

I refuse to answer this question with anything other than "Because he is. Get over it!"

"What prompted you to write RSTD?"

That's an interesting story. When I was growing up, I didn't have a father, so my mind invented one for me. His name was Richard Amsterdam. Every night when I went to bed, he would appear and tell me stories, but when I was nearly 15, he just disappeared. Of course I missed him initially, but when I was 11 I had started writing down the stories he told me, and over the years they developed into a complete book known today as "Runes Shalt Thou Dream."

"Cool story... What's with the title?"

Originally it was called "The Nightmare Man," and after my little self-publishing phase turned out to be a disaster I started seeking proper representation. When Ecanus picked me up, the editor wanted me to change it to something which reflected Norse mythology a little bit more, and nothing is more Norse than the Runes :)

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